Welcome to Piper Spine Care.  I started private practice in orthopaedic surgery in 1980, and began to specialize exclusively in the care of patients with spinal disorders in 1996.  In my years as a spine surgeon, I realized that this is an area of medicine which demands an isolated environment. The care of my patients is my vocation. I work hard to make my patients feel comfortable and understand their problems.  Our family mission is to provide the highest quality spine care available.

For the past  15 years, Chris Hemmer N.P. has been with me treating patients. Chris is an accomplished mid-level provider and I am proud he is an integral part of our team.  Together, we look forward to the opportunity to treat your spine care needs.

Terrence L. Piper, M.D.

Dr. Pierre Moeser's Diagnostic Clinic is Now Open!

In response to patients' needs for rapid diagnosis of painful arthritic conditions, I have created an arthritis diagnostic clinic. Many forms of arthritis are treatable such as rheumatoid arthritis, gout, psoriatic arthritis, etc. The key is to have an accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment. Other forms of arthritis such as osteoarthritis are less treatable but still warrant addressing the symptoms. Occasionally, patients have a neurologic condition such as carpal tunnel syndrome which can be mistaken for arthritis. In this case, an accurate diagnosis is also very important.

As a double board certified arthritis specialist with 30 years ofexperience, I stand ready to see patients in the office, do appropriate testing, and formulate a diagnosis. Upon diagnosis, you will be notified and referred to the appropriate specialist (or back to your primary care physician, if appropriate) for treatment. Please take the time to answer a few questions below so that I may better serve you. It is essential that I receive this fonn back, either by fax or by mail, to be able to make your appointment. Thank you.

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Surgical and Non-Surgical management of spinal disorders
in a community-based setting.

Comprehensive Evaluations
Complete Spine Care
Occipital Nerve Blocks
Total Disc Replacement technologies available for Neck
and Low Back
Minimally Invasive Techniques used for Compression
Fractures or Spinal Stenosis diagnoses
Pain Management Services located on site
Utilize New Techniques for Fusions
Have Experience with Complete Reconstruction Procedures

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